1UM-FAPs-Server & 1UL-FAPs-Server, DCLog Xpress-III Server, Order Information

P/N Product Channel MSRP*
891-2400-002 1UM-FAPs-Server
DCLog Xpress Server
Depends on DCLog Xpress FAPs channels
1UM-FAPs-Server has no channels limitation
891-2400-003 1UL-FAPs-Server
DCLog Xpress Server
(1TB RAID-1)
Depends on DCLog Xpress FAPs channels
1UL-FAPs-Server has no channels limitation
    Note:* MSRP is DCLog Xpress Server price which exclude monitor and related accessories, please contact                           us when you have any question.
Server-FAPs Mode

DCLog Xpress-III Server Collect and Manage Files from FAPs via LAN or WAN connection
After phone files call recording in phone memory, FAPs collect call recording file and call information from phone memory via Wi-Fi connection then send to DCLog Xpress-III Server via LAN or WAN connection. DCLog Xpress-III Server will manage the call recording as other models of Series DCLog Xpress-I and DCLog Xpress-II Server. The limitation is DCLog Xpress-III does not support live monitoring under all modes include Cloud-FAPs, Server-FAPs and Standalone.
1Ch to 40,000Ch Call Recording for Work from Anywhere

DupliCALL groundbreaking Server-FAPs-Phone scenario platform empowers the enterprise to deploy even one channel call recording in any branch office of the organization at very effective cost, and at same time embrace benefit and flexibility of central/distributed system. This solution gives headquarter more choice to deploy compliance management in whole organization and to balance data-security concern. The AIoT new frontier solution with seamless call recording and powerful AI-driven analytics bring security and compliance to next level. DupliCALL ISCM software an intelligent Security and Compliance Management solution can be choose as automatic compliance audit software to help enterprise find risk and threat, you can contact our partners to get more detail information about our series solution or visit our website www.duplicall.com.

DCLog Xpress-III use MP3 CODECs Give Balance between Voice Quality and Longer Retention

CODEC File Per Hour Quality Browser
Playback Speed
File Size N2N-Standalone
MP3 Only
MP3 Approximately
Medium Fast Small
PCM Approximately
High Fast Big
Product Specification
System Configuration Software Configuration
IPC (Industrial PC):
I/O Ports:
Mouse & Keyboard:
1U Rack Mount Server with Intel CPU and 8G Memory
Keyboard, Mouse, Network, Display and USB
Mouse and Volume Control Keyboard Included
Playback Speaker Embedded in Chassis
960GB SATA SSD for 1UM-FAPs-Server
1TB HDD RAID-1 for 1UL-FAPs-Server
Operating System:
GUI Language:
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC
MySQL 5.0 32bit
DCLog 1 software
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese

Power Input Dimensions
AC Input:
Total Output:
100V or 230V
Chassis Dimensions:
Package Dimensions:
480mm x 44mm x 400mm (W x H x D)
560mm x 190mm x 530mm (W x H x D)
Environment Weight
Working Temperature:
0℃ — 55℃
8% — 90% Non-condensing
Gross Weight: About 9kg