1Ch to 10,000Ch Compliance Call Recording for Work from Anywhere

DupliCALL groundbreaking Cloud-FAPs-Phone scenario platform empowers the enterprise to deploy even one channel call recording at very effective cost and at same time embrace cloud benefit and flexibility. The new frontier solution with seamless call recording and powerful AI-driven analytics bring security and compliance to next level. DupliCALL ISCM software an intelligent Security and Compliance Management solution is your choices.

FAPs Bridge Files from Recording Phones to Private Cloud
After Recording Phone files call recording in phone memory, FAPs collect call recording file and call information from phone memory via Wi-Fi connection then send to DCLog Server on Cloud via internet connection. Cloud DCLog Server will manage the call recording as other models of Series DCLog call recording system. The limitation is DCLog does not support live monitoring under all modes include Cloud-FAPs, Server-FAPs and Standalone.
1Ch to 10,000Ch gives Flexibility, FAPs to Server gives Hybrid

Different with TAPs and SPANs call recording scenario, FAPs solution gives density from 1Ch to 10,000Ch at smallest expansion increment, it provides most flexibility to enterprise when grow the business. The groundbreaking FAPs solution can be used together with our TAPs and SPANs call recording system together under one cloud, this kind of hybrid solution brings the sustainable seamless expansion for your historic investment.

See What Was Said

Built into DCLog EP for your private cloud on Alibaba Cloud or other Cloud, voice analytics is an accurate speech analytics engine that is capable of transcribing speech-to-text in multiple languages. This allows for highly accurate compliance reporting, along with powerful oversight and analytics. Supervisors can search transcripts for specific terms, or phrases, and determine when essential verbiage benchmarks (such as compliance disclaimers) are being missed.

…And Beyond What Was Said

No matter how perfect it may be, a voice transcript can’t tell you how speech is delivered. ISCM analytics can. Our AI-driven ISCM the Intelligent Security and Compliance Management examines not just the spoken words, but also uses advanced acoustic algorithms to measure and evaluate voice pace, volume, pitch, tonality, and other factors to determine emotions and intentions behind the words, and capture the sentiment of the call. Supervisors can search voice data not only for specific words or phrases, but also for specific emotions and intentions, making DCLog and ISCM an extremely powerful tool for voice analytics