FAPs, DCLog Xpress FAPs, Order Information

P/N Product Channel MSRP*
891-2400-005 FAPs3
DCLog Xpress FAPs
Expandable by adding Recording Phone US$200
   Note:* MSRP is DCLog Xpress Server price which exclude monitor and related accessories, please contact us when                           you have any question.
FAPs Bridge Xpress Server & Phones
After phone files call recording in phone memory, FAPs collect call recording file and call information from phone memory via Wi-Fi connection then send to DCLog Xpress-III Server via LAN connection. DCLog Xpress-III Server will manage the call recording as other models of Series DCLog Xpress-I and DCLog Xpress-II Server. The limitation is DCLog Xpress-III does not support live monitoring under all modes include Cloud-FAPs, Server-FAPs and Standalone.

FAPs use MP3 CODECs Give Balance between Voice Quality and Longer Retention

CODEC File Per Hour Quality Browser
Playback Speed
File Size FAPs
MP3 Only
MP3 Approximately
Medium Fast Small
PCM Approximately
High Fast Big

Product Specification
Software Configuration System Configuration
Operating System: Linux Ubuntu 18 64bit
Pre-installed: FAPs Software
GUI Language: Chinese, English
IPC (Industrial PC): Mini Computer with A35 CPU and 256MB Memory
Storage: 4GB SSD
I/O Ports: 100Mbps NIC, USB2.0, TF CARD, Wi-Fi (802.11/b/g/n),                                         Type-C×1 (DC IN / OTG) 5V/1A

Environment Dimensions
Working Temperature: 0℃ — 55℃
Humidity: 8% — 90% Non-condensing
Chassis Dimensions: 84mm x 100mm x 20mm (W x H x D)
Package Dimensions: 155mm x 120mm x 70mm (W x H x D)
Power Input Weight
Type-C ×1 (DC IN) 5V/1A Gross Weight: About 410g